240 Volts - EP (June, 2011)

by The Twoks



"240 Volts" is the debut EP by The Twoks featuring Xani Kolac (electric violin/vocals) and Mark Leahy (drums).

The EP includes six songs, five of which were written while Xani was attending an Artist Residency at The Banff Centre in Canada. The Banff Centre is an amazing creating centre for artists, actors, dancers and even mathematicians. Xani was given her own little hut to work in which was surrounded by snow and beautiful views of the rocky mountains.

When Xani returned to Melbourne, her and Mark began compiling the songs to make their first EP together. They also collaborated for the first time during the songwriting process creating the song, "Northern Lights" together. This piece was inspired by a dream Mark had about two lovers who were on opposite edges of a frozen lake. In the dream, the two lovers work towards one another and as they do, the ice around them begins to crack and fall into the ice-cold water. Mark wakes up just as the lovers plummet to the bottom of the lake.

The Twoks recorded this EP with Phil Threlfall in one of Melbourne's most amazing art spaces called "Revolt" in Kensington. It is a big converted warehouse run by some amazing artists.

This EP was launched at the Northcote Social Club in June 2011.


released June 1, 2011

Recorded by Phil Threlfall at Revolt Artspace.
Mixed by Phil Threlfall at The Base.
Mastered by John Ruberto at Crystal Mastering.
Photo by Steve Chan.
Artwork by Zziddo.


all rights reserved



The Twoks Melbourne, Australia

Electric violin/vocals + drums duo from Melbourne town playing happy, dance music that is kinda dark.

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Track Name: 240 Volts
We been giving you notice that we’re going to blow this. We’ll be getting our lids right off until 240 Volts blow the socket tonight, eh. Don’t be standing there frozen, if you can’t fight ‘em then join ‘em. If you want an explosion, well you put 240 Volts in the socket tonight, eh.
You gotta big bang bang in you pocket tonight, you gotta full power pack can you rock it tonight? Put 240 Volts in the socket tonight, eh?
Oooh, put 240 Volts in the socket tonight.
Gonna make it real easy with my RC-50. I was gonna loop tis thing up until 240 Volts blew the socket tonight, eh. In America don’t think you can plug your own stuff in. Instead of dancing our feet right off we put 240 Volts in the socket tonight, eh.
Track Name: Let You Down
I’m too high up I’m looking down from here. I’m throwing up there’s everything to fear. I’m flying blind into this, I hit the ground and then I leave a mess. You’re everywhere but never here.
You let me down, you let me down again.
You’re too high up but you’ll never fall. And I can’t do this anymore. I try to say anything but I suppress everything. You’re too much I’m not enough.
I let you down, I let you down again.
I keep on falling in love…
I hit the ground and I leave a mess. I’m so exposed while you’re fully dressed. I’m standing here at your door, at the wrong end of your hall. I want to be yours but you’ll never be mine.
Track Name: Take It Slowly
I’ve got this and I’m not letting go, the top bits might be covered with snow, but I’ll warn you it’s got one place to go, right down - down to the water. Start driving, oh I love you when you’re repainting, oh I love you when you’re uncertain, or even when your love goes I’ll keep on loving you.
All the days it falls so softly and as it does it stays so icy, but it’ll melt away if you can trust me. Oh my love, we’ll take it slowly.
I’ve still got you in my arms and although I can’t save you from all the things you have known, I’m right here for all the days that we have to go lighting up all the darkest parts. Like you running - oh I love you - when hesitating - oh I love you - when you start lying - or even when your love goes - I’ll keep on loving you.
It’s snowing but if you come over here I’ll warm you, we’ll watch it falling like tears. As it’s falling it’ll cover the years you did deep in the water. Stop hurting, coz I love you. Start smiling, co I love you. When you’re down, I will love you. When your love goes I’ll keep on loving you.
Track Name: Northern Lights
So even though it’s freezing I know we have to walk, the lights are just so blinding I’m trying not to talk. Looking across the lake I, I know you want to scream but if we make it to the middle we’ll only have to look upstream.
So stay strong for me now you know we can’t turn back. I dare you to stay under, I dare you not to crack. If we stand still together, if we fall through the ice, we’re only falling into Northern Lights.
That’s the ice and them’s the breaks well, don’t shiver like a baby as you grow into blue shadows and disappear in blue lights. Looking across the lake I, I know you want to scream but if we make it to the middle we’ll only have to look upstream.
I’ll hop across to you if you hop across to me, the misbelief of young lovers we’ll take us where we need to be.
So sink to the bottom, sink with a hopeful grace. the misbelief of young lovers has led us to this place.
Track Name: Living Isn't Fun
Living isn’t fun, it’s hard. Loving isn’t fun. Skiing isn’t fun. Clubbing isn’t fun. Living isn’t fun. Running isn’t fun. Working isn’t fun. Hugging isn’t fun.
I want you you’re everything that you should be, but all the things you like to do never really interest me. But now you’re gone I’m thinking that I better start doing things you like to do if I’m gonna win you’re heart.
If I gotta live, I’ll live…
Track Name: Take Me Home
I’m loving, I’m leaving, I’m kissing you. You’re finished, I’m starting, I’m missing you. But it’s all for a reason. You’re closer, I’m further away from you, I’m waiting, I’m dying, to be there soon. But it’s all for a reason, all on the horizon.
I keep on thinking ‘bout you all day long. I keep on hoping that with every song, it’s gonna take me home, gonna take me home, it’s gonna take me home to you.
I’m falling, I’m fading, all on my own. I’m breathing, I’m sighing, Im missing home. But it’s al for a reason. We’ll do this, we’ve got this, we’ll find a way. We’ll make it, we’ll meet up along the way. And it’s all for a reason. All on the horizon.
I keep loving you, I keep leaving you, I keep missing you, I keep kissing you.
Whoa oh oh…

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