Doona​/​Happy Endings - Double Release (Jun, 2015)

by The Twoks



1. Every sound is Xani's violin/voice or Mark’s drums/percussion. There are no synths, no bass.
2. Andy Baldwin was chosen as co-producer because he plays violin and recorded The Cat Empire’s debut – one of Xani's faves.
3. Best bits are the opening drum fill, giant strings build up and the fact that it’s about a doona.
4. Xani wrote it on her parents’ couch in Upper G after listening to some Black Keys.

"Happy Endings" was one of the first pieces Xani ever wrote for The Twoks.



released June 24, 2015

Songs by Xani Kolac
Performed by The Twoks
Recorded and Mixed by Andy Baldwin at Woodstock Studios, Melbourne
Mastered by Leon Zervos at Studios 301, Sydney



all rights reserved
Track Name: Doona
How can we be together babe?
You keep taking the doona away.

You take my do do do do do do do do doona

How can we be forever babe?
You've come crushing my dreams again.

Can't sleep.

Put it over me and I'll get over you.
Track Name: Happy Endings