First Light - EP (Oct, 2014)

by The Twoks



released October 13, 2014

Produced, recorded and mixed by Tony Buchen
Studios 301, Sydney
Mastered by Leon Zervos
Assistant Engineers: A. Gauci, D. Frizza, J. Baker

Copyright The Twoks 2014


all rights reserved



The Twoks Melbourne, Australia

Electric violin/vocals + drums duo from Melbourne town playing happy, dance music that is kinda dark.

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Track Name: Hey
Hey hey, oh oh

I'm moving along with the others
I gotta prove it if I want it
So I'll battle it out here on the floor
Yeah I'm fighting for it 'coz I want it more
Than the others
Will you give me chance

Hey hey, oh oh

It's easy
That's what you said to me
I gotta feel it
And I'll get happy, happy, happy again
So I'll battle it out here just for you
Yeah I'm fighting for everything you do
Coz I want you
Will you give the chance

Hey hey, oh oh

Yeah I'm moving to the beat of the drums
Oh baby here I come for you
Yeah I'll shake it 'til I get what I want
Coz it's time that I was bringing it down for you
Track Name: Hold On
Stop talking and sit down for just a sec
You've been going on and on since we first met
Did you think that I'd let you get away with it every time
No not again even though you know I'm on your side

Hold on I am the one worth keeping
Or I'll let go and then you'll be left with nothing
No one knows you as well as I do
So hold on and on as tight as I do

You always take control of everything
But I am capable despite of what you think
Do you really think that you will never get it wrong
When that day comes you better hope I'm still here holding on

No one said that you had to stay
But you're holding on 'til you get your way
But you knock me down 'til I'm on the floor
Will you hold me up like I have before

Well I'm holding on
But you're letting go

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