Two - full​-​length album (Nov, 2012)

by The Twoks



released November 1, 2012

Engineered and mixed by Phil Threlfall at The Base, 1812 Theatre, HSM Shepparton, Ardmona Church and the JMC Underground Carpark.
Mastered by John Ruberto, Crystal Mastering.


all rights reserved



The Twoks Melbourne, Australia

Electric violin/vocals + drums duo from Melbourne town playing happy, dance music that is kinda dark.

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Track Name: Boom Boom
Say, say it loud, say it bold and don’t look down at your feet. Laugh, oh laugh for real, laugh as long as you feel, and then dance to the beat. What are you looking for, what are you waiting for? All that you need you have got anyway. It don’t matter what they do, it don’t matter what they say, you should do it anyway.
Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom…
She’s blue and green, the saddest I’ve ever seen, and she reminds me of you. And she pleads that you make a start, that you can give her your heart, so she can sing like you do. It’s not in the way you trace her lines over and over many times. As far as I know you get it right everyday. So don’t worry what they do and don’t worry what they say, she is yours and you are hers anyway.
Track Name: Losing My Love
All the things I said I would take them back, do it all again if you’d take me back. All the things I did wrong I’d do them right, do it all over and I’d get it right. All right now. All the things you felt then I feel them now, take it all from ya if I could somehow.
Losing my love I am losing my losing my love
All the days I took from ya I’d give them back, wouldn’t waste your time get us back on track. Oh the days I’d give if you’d take me back.
Track Name: Making Holes
In the day in the night we are fighting the fight and we don’t earn a cent so we can’t pay our rent. We make sound after sound, song after song and we’ll do this forever like we have all along. But you won’t hear the words and you won’t feel the beat and you won’t wanna dance, so you won’t move your feet. ANd you won’t understand when the music is gone coz you only know the value of the land that you’re on.
Oh oh oh oh you’re making holes in me, this isn’t how it’s s’posed to be.
On the street in the bars, in hotels, in your car, in your life, day to day, from our rooms to the stage. When you’re here, or not, we don’t care we don’t stop. We’ll play all the time for the rest of our lives. Now and then and over again your words are so loud they’re leaving holes in the ground. And you’re starting a war but why and what for? From the ending to the start you’re making holes in my heart.
You’re making holes in me, why won’t you let me be.
Track Name: Do What I Want
If I were to move on, get a job it’d free me. Coz it’s not so easy doing what you love. I’m doing what I love and never sleep a wink. My mind’s always on think, my body’s on the brink of falling off.
Day by day I’m gonna watch the score and when I’m losing I won’t do it anymore. This is all I think about, for now it’s all I care about.
Some days things could not be better, wins are by the letter, I’m doing what I love. But sometimes it gets rough like when my mind is all out, new ideas won’t churn out. I’m just another burn out.
I’m gonna do whatever do whatever do whatever do what I want…

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